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Layout Design

Final Drawing

Photo Production and Shooting

Creative Retouching



Image editing and Retouching

Cut & Masking

Pages and picture composing

Digital Proof

Language adaptation

Side Finishing 

Soft Proof / Remote Proof


Data Management


Workflow management and analysis

Project Management

Database Publishing

Process optimization

Color Management

Quality Management

Browsable Catalogues



We specialize in Digital imaging, Media production, Pre-media, Publishing, Packaging, and Catalogue. The scope of services range from digital imaging jobs to complex clipping paths, alpha maskings, color correction and creative/ beauty retouching work. Furthermore, our teams specialise in the complete assembly of catalogs and magazines as well as any form of packaging. The variety of services we offer make us an ideal partner for outsourcing any form of pre-press media. We do not just provide a service we add value to the demands of our global clientele. 

We understand that each image is different. Due to the different types of complexity, please contact us for a quote.

Alpha Masking


By hand were able to create vector paths. These vary from basic to complex images depending on the details.

Clipping Paths


Retouch service is one of the widest ranging service. Due to this we recommend sending us some samples and we will promptly provide you with a quote.

Retouch & Composing

Our packaging team are able to provide full service for your packaging design. Contact us and send some samples with information and we will materialize your product. 


There have been changes in catalog production over the years due to technological advancements. We are still able to provide a full range of services for your catalog production.

Catalog Production

The gsd CGI team specializes in Renderings. Our team is able to bring your product to life and provide you with a prototype for your product. 

CGI & Rendering

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