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C.E.O. - Mirko S.

Mirko is a very energetic and hands on leader. He enjoys being part of the day to day production, supporting his team achieve all production targets. With an eye for detail Mirko sets high emphasis on quality, guaranteeing our customers the service they expect from us.

Corporate Manager - Dear

Dear has worked her way up the corporate ladder by mostly overachieving. She now oversees the whole production working tirelessly on a smooth production. Dear knits everything together setting a high emphasis on communication with all parties involved. She is able to do this as she is fluent in Thai and English.

Production Manager - Khun Maew, Khun Tan

Combined, our production managers have accumulated over 27 years of relevant work experience. Along with that, their teams have an average of 7 years' work experience.  This experience makes them very effective at work as they understand what is required from the customer.  

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